Jon recounts a story about a flying humanoid in Donna, Texas.

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Big Thank You to Rigor Mortis Paranormal

Rigor Mortis Paranormal is a podcast that includes true tales of haunting's, the unknown, and other unworldly mysteries from our captive audience. In addition, the RMP cast from San Antonio, Texas share their personal spooky (and other) experiences while downing a few beers too many. Sit back, pop a cool one, and join us on a blurred journey through the unknown.

To submit your story to our podcast, call 210-901-8666 or visit us online at

Podcast produced by:

Robert Limon (host)

David Limon (host)

Jasmnie Limon (host)

Kory Earle (graphics)

Ian Limon (Sobering Thoughts segment) “Bum Tab”

Nathan Limon (background music and sounds)

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